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Stall Senior Medical offers consulting expertise to help older individuals, caregivers, medical practices, health insurance companies, health systems, businesses, and community organizations improve care of geriatric and chronically ill / medically complex people and attend to caregiver needs through creative yet practical approaches.

These include taking advantage of low-cost web-based and mobile technology, direct engagement of patient and caregivers to assist with their own care, “meaningful use” of the electronic health record (e.g. personalizing the user interface, template creation, reducing redundancy in documentation, enhancing connectivity, etc.), and optimizing workflow to achieve greater productivity and more cost-effective care.

Stall Senior Medical also works in collaboration with primary care providers and health insurers to maintain and improve the health of their patients and members.

We use a holistic approach tailored to meet the needs of organizations with whom we work.

Areas of expertise:

1. Acute medical care approaches (urgent care, emergency care, hospitalization)
2. Chronic medical care approaches (comprehensive geriatric
assessment, rehabilitation, palliative care, informal/formal
3. Preventive care approaches (immunizations, screening tests, formal
risk assessment)
4. Medication optimization (use, abuse, side effects, cost)
5. Local/national standards/regulation compliance
6. Housing added value services (senior apartments, assisted living, nursing
homes, dementia care facilities)
7. Workforce development (health professional education, care
coordinators, health care administrators)
8. Health care organization efficiency & systems improvement (individual
practices/clinics, accountable care organizations, local/national
health systems)
9. Payment/contracting options (fee-for-service, capitation, blended
models, quality incentives)
10. Leadership development (clinical, non-clinical)
11. Use of technology/Innovation (apps, assistive devices, robotics,
artificial intelligence, telemedicine)

RobertStallMD_7200_pp-300Robert Stall MD, CEO | CV
Cell 716-861-1312

Dr. Stall is an internist and fellowship trained geriatrician (and a MIT graduate in electrical engineering and computer science) who has dedicated his entire professional career to the care of older adults and helping their loved ones.

His efforts to empower patients, caregivers, and health professionals to provide better care for seniors include lectures, seminars, “homework” given at visits to his office, mentoring students, acting as a media resource, handheld apps, and providing information on his web site.

He is the owner and CEO of Stall Senior Medical LLC and OldSmarts LLC, striving to enhance geriatric care using innovative, practical approaches.  Projects to date include the new OldSmarts® app in iOS, Android, and web platforms, and seven other iPhone apps available in the iTunes stores, two interactive web-based utilities (the comprehensive Senior Health Assessment and Drugs Can Make You Sick!, a personalized medication-symptom analyzer), and assembling a top-notch team of health providers to conduct high-quality home assessments for the Medicare Advantage patient population.

Over his career, Dr. Stall has been medical director or advisor in hospital, home care, and long-term care settings, and has served as a member of the UB School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Faculty Council and the UB 2020 Task Force on Aging and Chronic Disease.

sally McGuire 2014 005_pp copy1-1Sallie McGuire, COO

Ms. McGuire has 26 years experience in health care management with a special focus on care for older adults and caregivers.

Her expertise is creating and implementing operational and human resources initiatives to increase productivity and to achieve a more engaged and satisfied workforce.

She conducts extensive research to validate the effectiveness of best practices in the healthcare arena. She has published a work entitled, “Improving performance by Increasing Employee Satisfaction in Healthcare” Her most recent work is entitled, “Physician Recruitment, The Challenge for Today, the Crisis of Tomorrow”.

Ms. McGuire holds a BA in Psychology from the State University College of New York at Buffalo. She received her certification in Long Term Care Administration and Master’s of Science Degree in Health Services Administration from D’Youville College, serves as an Adjunct Professor at Hilbert College, teaching in the Master’s of Public Health Program.

She is an active member of the American College of Healthcare Executives and the Healthcare Executive Forum of Western New York, Society of Human Resource Management: Local, National and Global Chapters, She also is a member of the Western New York Healthcare Human Resources Association. She is an Advisory Board Member of Graduate Studies at Hilbert College, and an Advisory Board Member for the Community Health Worker Network of Buffalo.

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13 thoughts on “Home

  1. Wondering if anyone has any information about Hank Wieman, MD, a gerontologist who died in 1999 after reviving the “house call” in geriatric treatment

      1. There is a huge need for in-home visits in WNY’s “Silver Tsunami.”

        You could easily charge above Medicare rates, cash only.

        My mom has a free cyling sleep schedule, screams at family for no discernable reason, will switch her words and has serious trouble remembering recent events. I.e. needs to “vacuum the lawn” but can’t find the battery for the electric lawn mower.

        But, she won’t go to a doctor’s office. So we can’t do squat about the situation without the weight of a medical diagnosis or recommendation.

        While the boomers are still with us please start doing egregiously upcharged home visits. We need them.

        1. A good place to start might be the Alzheimer’s Association of WNY https://www.alz.org/wny. They might be able to point you in the right direction, even if your mom has not been diagnosed yet with Alzheimer’s or another specific memory problem. Sincerely, Dr. Rob Stall

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