Quality of life questionnaire

Complete, print, and bring to any visit you have with a health professional.

Quality of life questionnaire

Basic info

Events - things that have happened to you since your last visit (existing patient) or in the past year (new patient)

Events - things that have happened to you since your last visit (existing patient) or in the past year (cont.)

Issues - how you felt most days in the past week

Wishes - what are ONE or TWO main things that would make your life better?




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Called a specialist office - check out Many Patients Don't Pursue Referrals.
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Significant or Intolerable Issues

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Fear of disability or being a burden - check out Moving Past Your Fear of Being a Burden.
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Low energy - check out Fatigue in Older Adults.
Low mood - check out Depression In Older Adults.
Managing your health problems - check out Health Screening.
Managing your medications - check out Safe Use of Medicines and Saving Money on Medicines.
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Sex life - check out Sexuality in Later Life.
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Unintentional weight loss - check out Unintentional Weight Loss in Older Adults.
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