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 July 5, 2004
Aging Issues - First Show!
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(58 min)

Miss Eshelman
playing the bells &
delivering mail

Eastman Notes - January 2007

Miss Eshelman &
Dr. Saul Elkin
with Dr. Stall

July 12, 2004
More Aging Issues
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(62 min)

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individual show segments

July 19, 2004
Embarrassment & Aging
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(36 min)

Guest:  Judi Naylor, RN

Mrs. Naylor & Dr. Stall

July 26, 2004
Senior Health Needs In Erie County
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(60 min)

Guest:  Pam Krawczyk,
Erie County Commissioner of Senior Services


Pam Krawczyk, Dr. Stall,
Dan Stall & Dave Stall

Erie County Senior Services
Main phone #:  (716) 858-8526

August 2, 2004
Memory Problems & Alzheimer's Disease
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(59 min)

Guest:  Leilani Pelletier, Program Director, Alzheimer's Association of WNY

Leilani Pelletier

Alzheimer's Association of WNY
Main phone #:  (716) 626-0600

August 9, 2004
Fun & Friendship After Fifty
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(62 min)

Guests:  Janet Cosmann, Jean Duffy, Dorothea Haase and Gail Siskin - Red Hat Society Members

Dr. Stall & Red-Hatted guests
More pictures...

Older Women's League
The Hat Ladies
The Red Hat Society

August 16, 2004
Medication Use & Abuse
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(60 min)

Guests:  Karl & Tina Fiebelkorn,
UB School of Pharmacy


Karl & Tina Fiebelkorn with Dr. Stall

Karl Fiebelkorn,
UB School of Pharmacy
Phone:  (716) 645-2824

Medication Related Problems
in Older Adults

(good overview from the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists)

Pharmacists' Association of WNY
Phone:  (716) 564-0860

August 23, 2004
The Politics of Aging
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(60 min)

Guest:  Mr. Jimmy Griffin, Buffalo Councilman (former Mayor of Buffalo)

Mr. Griffin with Dr. Stall

Jimmy Griffin
(from Through the Mayor's Eyes at Buffalonian.com)

Where's the Mad Dog?
(August 6, 2004 Buffalo News article)

Mayor Griffin Obituary
(May 25, 2008 Buffalo News)

August 30, 2004
Perspectives On Getting Older
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(60 min)

Mr. & Mrs. Albert & Doris Stall

Dr. Stall with his parents

September 6, 2004

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(60 min)

September 13, 2004
Caregivers & Caregiving
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(60 min)

Guests:  Tom DeLoughry, Niagara Caregivers Network & Miriam Callahan, Erie County Caregiver Coalition

Tom DeLoughry & Miriam Callahan

Center of Renewal
Erie County Caregiver Coalition
Niagara Caregivers Network


September 20, 2004
Spirituality & Aging
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(60 min)

Guests:  Reverend James Lewis III & Mrs. Carol Wolf

Rev. Lewis, Mrs. Wolf, Mr. Smith & Dr. Stall

Network of Religious Communities
Religious Organizations in WNY
UB Spirituality In Healthcare Committee

September 27, 2004
Print Media - Getting the Word Out to
Older Adults & Caregivers

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(59 min)

Bonnie DeGweck & Phyllis Gorski, Publishers,
After 50 News ; Amy Remmele, Ask the Life Coach; Jerry Flaschner, Publisher, Living Prime Time

Bonnie DeGweck, Amy Remmele
& Phyllis Gorski

Jerry Flaschner with Dr. Stall

Jerry's Obituary
(July 12, 2006 Amherst Bee)

October 4, 2004
Hearing Problems
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(60 min)

Carrie Cline, Diversified Hearing Audiologist, Red Rosica, Retired Audiologist & Dr. Ernesto Diaz-Ordaz, Cochlear Implant Surgeon; Dr. Raymond Paolini, Buffalo Otolaryngology Group Physician (by phone interview)

Carrie Cline & Red Rosica (seated)
Dr. Ernie Diaz-Ordaz & Dr. Rob Stall (standing)

Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly
Interview with Dr. Paolini
Self-Help for the Hard Of Hearing of WNY
UB Speech-Language & Hearing Clinic
UB Tinnitus Clinic


October 11, 2004
Infections In Older Adults
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(59 min)

Joseph Mylotte, MD, Chief of Infectious Disease, Erie County Medical Center

Drs. Mylotte & Stall

Centers for Disease Control
Erie County Health Department
Ntl Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease
NIH Health Information
NYS Department of Health


October 18, 2004
Living Options for Seniors
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(62 min)

Bob Meiss, Beechwood Continuing Care & Mike Maloney, Niagara Lutheran Health Care

Bob Meiss & Mike Maloney

Community Guide to Senior Care


October 25, 2004
Safety for Seniors
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(60 min)

Pati Aine Guzinski, Erie County Department of Emergency Services & Kitty Sullivan, Lifeline

Kitty Sullivan & Pati Aine Guzinski

Dr. Stall & Guests

Home Safety Checklist

November 1, 2004
Balance & Fall Prevention
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(61 min)

Fred Pordum, DPT, Willcare & Bob White, Tai Chi Expert

Balance Self-Assessment Questionnaire
BPPV (Vestibular Problems)
Fall Prevention (CDC)
McLaughlin Center (Tai Chi)
Taoist Tai Chi Society - Buffalo

December 6, 2004
Cancer Prevention & Care
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(59 min)

James R. Marshall PhD, Roswell Park Cancer Institute 877-ASK-RPCI (877-275-7724) & Ms. Gretchen Leffler, American Cancer Society WNY 716-689-6981 National 800-ACS-2345 (800-227-2345)

Dr. Marshall, Ms. Leffler & Dr. Stall

Cancer Prevention & Research Foundation
CDC - Cancer Prevention & Control


January 3, 2005
Sports & Aging
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(60 min)

Mr. Charley Ferguson, retired Buffalo Bill, and Mr. Ray Hammel, Physical Therapist, Buffalo Rehab Group

Charley Ferguson & Ray Hammel

Dr. Stall & Guests

Football Injuries
Sports Injuries & the Aging Athlete
Virtual Sports Injury Clinic

February 7, 2005
Sleep Problems &
Dream Interpretation

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(61 min)

Guests:  Alex Gelfer, MD (Pulmonologist/Sleep Expert) & Professor Linda Zemel
(Writer & Dream Interpretation Expert)

Dr. Gelfer, Ms. Zemel & Dr. Stall

Dr. Gelfer 716-631-8863
National Sleep Foundation
Sleepcare (St. Joseph Hospital)
Professor Zemel 716-631-5323

Dream Analysis & Interpretation
Online Guide to Dream Interpretation
The Dreams Foundation


March 7, 2005
Past, Present & Future
of Geriatric Care

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(61 min)

Guests:  Evan Calkins, MD (Geriatrician) & Beverly Kubala, RN (President, Network In Aging of WNY)


Dr. Calkins, Ms. Kubala & Dr. Stall

A Geriatrician Enjoys Growing Older
(story about Dr. Calkins from 1996)
Network In Aging of WNY

Other reading
AntiAging Information
De Senectute
(by Cicero, in Latin)
Do You Want to Live Forever?
(Technology Review article)
Geriatrics At Your Fingertips
Merck Manual of Geriatrics

Other resources
American Geriatrics Society
Gerontological Society of America
National Institute on Aging
U.S. Administration on Aging

April 4, 2005
Advance Directives &
Capacity Determination

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(59 min)

Guests:  Ralph Benedict, PhD (ECMC Neuropsychologist) & Laurie Menzies, Esq (Elder Law Attorney, Pfalzgraf Beinhauer & Menzies LLP)

Dr. Benedict, Ms. Menzies,
Dr. Stall & Lauren Stall

NYS Health Care Proxy Info | Form
NYS Non-hospital DNR Info | Form

WNY Health Care Proxy Coalition

May 2, 2005
How to Create A Senior-Friendly Community
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(59 min)

Ms. Susan Grelick, Amherst Town Supervisor and Mr. Gerald Brownrout, former Amherst Councilman

Mr. Brownrout, Supervisor Grelick & Dr. Stall

June 6, 2005
Senior Driving
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(62 min)

Guests:  Dorothy Levitt (Erie County Dept. of Senior Services), Wally Smith (AAA of WNY), Michael Dollard (Alzheimer's Association of WNY) & Lisa Thorpe (ECMC Driver Evaluation Program)

AAA Roadwise Review

UPDATED 4/13/11 AARP Driver Safety
NEW 4/13/11 Online Guide: Driver Safety and Concerns
Alzheimer's, Dementia and Driving
AGS Safe Driving for Seniors
AMA Older Driver Safety
ECMC Driver Education Program
Erie County Older Driver Family Assistance Help Network

Senior Driver Driving Safety Cycle

July 11, 2005
Home Care Services
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(70 min)

Guests:  Lisa Greisler, Nursing Director (Visiting Nurses Association of WNY) & Marilyn Green, Long Term Care Resources Manager / Telephone Assurance Program (Coordinated Care)

Lisa Greisler & Marilyn Green

Dr. Stall, Jimmy Smith & Guests

August 8, 2005
Hip Fractures, Spine Fractures & Osteoporosis
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(63 min)

Guests:  Deborah Bergfeld, MD, Buffalo Spine and Sports Institute and Azher Iqbal, MD, Vascular Interventional Associates

Drs. Bergfeld & Iqbal

Dr. Stall & Guests

Google - Osteoporosis
Hip Fractures (Merck Manual of Geriatrics)
National Osteoporosis Foundation
NIH - Osteoporosis & Bone-Related Diseases
Spinal Cement... (from NY Times 8-28-05)
Spine Fractures (Merck Manual of Geriatrics)


 September 12, 2005
Medicare Drug Coverage
Vascular Health

Listen to show
(60 min)

Guests:  Tammie Lee Demler, PharmD & President, Pharmacists' Association of WNY and Massoud Arbabzadeh, MD & Susan Giardino, NP, Vascular Interventional Associates

Dr. Demler

Dr. Arbabzadeh & Ms. Giardino

Dr. Stall & Guests

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

NYS EPIC Program
(Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage)

Show-Me Guide from UnitedHealth Group
(Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit brochure)

Local HMO Drug Benefits
Encompass 65 / Senior Blue / Senior Choice

 October 3, 2005
Adult Day Care
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(50 min)

Guests:  Larry Vogel, RN, Schofield Residence Adult Day Health Care Program & Kathy Pharris, Catholic Charities Adult Day Care

Ms. Pharris & Mr. Vogel

Mr. Vogel & Ms. Pharris

National Adult Day Services Assn (NADSA)

NADSA - Consumers

54th anniversary of the
"Shot Heard 'Round the World"


November 7, 2005
Reverse Mortgages &
Long-Term Care Insurance

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(60 min)

Stephanie Lehner, Reverse Mortgage Specialist; Member, Aging In Place Council & Janice Bauer, LTC Insurance Specialist, American Portfolios Financial Services / Member, Aging In Place Council

Janice Bauer & Stephanie Lehner

Dr. Stall & Guests

National Aging In Place Council

AARP Reverse Mortgage Info

National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Assn

AARP Long Term Care Insurance Fact Sheet
American Assn for Long Term Care Insurance
NYS Partnership for Long-Term Care


December 5, 2005
Nutrition In Older Adults
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(61 min)

Guest:  Richard J. Gehring MSW CSW, President & Margaret Tyrrell RD (phone interview) - Meals On Wheels of Buffalo & Erie County

Richard J. Gehring

Mr. Gehring with Dr. Stall

AARP - Eating Well
Erie County Stay Fit Dining Program
Meals On Wheels Association of America
Meals On Wheels of Buffalo & Erie County
National Resource Center on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Aging
NYS Office for the Aging - Nutrition
U.S. Administration On Aging - Nutrition