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The greatest nutritional disease in America is obesity.  Lose 10#, and you may be able to stop one of the medications you’re taking for high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol.  Plus you will feel a lot better.  And give the copay you save to your favorite charity.

I cut out the raisins from my raisin bran every morning, along with the banana and small glass of orange juice.  I also cut down greatly on the other carbohydrates I ate (bread, spaghetti, rice, potato).  Everything else the same, I had to lose weight.  And I did – about 20# over the next three months.

It’s a matter of simple physics – conservation of mass.  Less mass in, less mass that sticks.  At least 200 fewer calories each day by simply getting rid of three sugary extras – it was as if I were fasting an entire day every two weeks (200 calories x 7 days x 2 weeks = 2800 fewer calories).

No need for a fad diet, Weight Watchers, or even increasing exercise.  Cut something out – you will surely lose weight.  Newton and Einstein guarantee it.

In good health,

Dr. Stall

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