Bihari community of Bangladesh

Geneva Camp Foundation school

Basic info

Bangladesh Wikipedia

Bangladesh atrocities – violence against Biharis Wikipedia

Bihari Muslims Wikipedia

Bihari people Wikipedia

Biharis of Bangladesh

Chronology for Biharis in Bangladesh

Citizenship for Bihari Refugees BBC News

Stranded Pakistanis Wikipedia

Voices From the Camps Rainbow Collective documentary

World’s vast ranks of the stateless Christian Science Monitor

Educational resources

Common Core State Standards Initiative

Khan Academy

Khan Academy mapping

Health Information Systems to Improve Quality of Care in Resource-Poor Settings MIT Open Courseware

Search Institute “Discovering what kids need to succeed”


Al-Falah Bangladesh

Bihar Foundation

Global Voices – Geneva Camp

ICRC in Bangladesh

Joshua Project – Bihari Muslims of Bangladesh

Lion’s Club of Dhaka

Obat Helpers

Plan International – Bangladesh

Rotary Club of Dhaka

Rotary History in Bangladesh

Stateless in Bangladesh

Uncultured Project | video Shawn Ahmed (recommended by Buffalo State student)

UNHCR – Bangladesh


Camps of Bangladesh

Geneva Camp Plan International

NBC News 12/30/1971

Stranded Pakistanis

Funding resources

Target international giving

Kiva consider similar approach to fund Bihari education

Watsi consider similar approach to fund Bihari education

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