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Especially for health insurers: Medicare/Medicaid managed care wellness visits & in-home gap testing

Stall Senior Medical offers consulting and direct care services to individuals, caregivers, medical practices, health insurance companies, health systems, businesses, and community organizations with a special emphasis on the health and well-being of older adults, the medically complex, and underserved populations.

Main areas of expertise

1. Prevention
2. Chronic care
3. Palliative care
4. Population health
5. Medication optimization
6. Data visualization
7. Organizational efficiency & systems improvement
8. Workforce development

Robert Stall MD, CEO | CV
Cell 716-861-1312

Dr. Stall is an internist and fellowship trained geriatrician (and a MIT graduate in electrical engineering and computer science) who has dedicated his entire professional career to the care of older adults and helping their loved ones.

He is founder and CEO of Stall Senior Medical LLC and OldSmarts LLC.

Over his career, Dr. Stall has served as medical director and attending physician in hospital, home care, and long-term care settings.

sally McGuire 2014 005_pp copy1-1Sallie McGuire, COO | CV
Cell (716) 609-9141

Ms. McGuire has over 20 years experience in health care management with a special focus on care for older adults and caregivers.

She is also founder and CEO of WNY Human Resource Solutions.

Her expertise is creating and implementing operational and human resources initiatives to increase productivity and to achieve a more engaged and satisfied workforce.

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